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Are you looking for apparel that's laid back, but a little off the beaten path? When you want to bring the Texas Gulf Coast beach life with you wherever you go, nobody does it better than Third Coast Chillin. Our apparel company in Midland, TX provides our customers with high-quality clothes for sale, branded with our own unique style.

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As an online clothing shop, we are fully focused on providing our customers with the highest quality products possible while also dedicating ourselves to excellent customer service. We use top of the line equipment and materials to make our products, so everything you order is made to last. With our wide selection of styles, our apparel company provides our clients with a truly unique experience.

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With our full lineup of beach and fishing-themed apparel, you can bring the third coast mentality to your wardrobe. We sell:

  • Apparel: Show off your love of the third coast with a t-shirt or sweatshirt.
  • Bathing suits: Choose from a wide range of colors and designs for extra fun in the sun.
  • Accessories: From stickers to our collection of hats for sale, everyone can enjoy a coastal-themed accessory.

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